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Content Production & Management for Non Profit Organizations
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Your organization thrives on its ability to make a meaningful difference, and your mission is the heartbeat of this change. Even, the most effective missions need a voice to echo their purpose and reach the hearts of potential supporters.

Your effectiveness depends on how well you are funded. Yet, when donors only hear from you during fundraising “season”, the donations will be fewer than when they hear from you continually.

In the world of non-profit organizations, success is measured not just by goals met, but by the lives transformed. The true impact of your mission unfolds when your stories reach and resonate with your audience.


Effective communication is the lifeline of any non-profit, vital for amplifying its mission and engaging its audience.

In today’s digital era, this means leveraging diverse platforms like podcasts, video podcasts, blog posts, and newsletters.

Communicate your impact

Your organization is tirelessly working on changing the world.

One mission at a time.

Yet, even the best executed accomplishment is diminished when it is not effectively communicated to your audience and donors.

We are your partner in communications.

Our mission is to work with non profit organizations, to ensure that your accomplishments are heard and seen.

What we produce

We produce audio and video content elevating the voices of non-profits. Our focus is on audio and video podcasts, creating evergreen content that “sticks & stays”.

Why we produce

We fundamentally believe in the power of social justice and community involvement. The differences that are being made, must be shared, so that more people become aware of the “power of good”

Why you should do it

Podcasting & Videocasting are vehicles to communicate your brand, mission, accomplishments, and continually engage with your audience, from donors to those who rely on your work. 

How we do it

Our 4-phase process is designed to develop custom communication products. We are, in a sense, your in-house communications agency, ready to amplify your accomplishments to the world.

Phase 1: Consult & Onboarding

We will discuss your vision, your expectations, technical requirements, the host and voice, the look and feel of your exposure, and more. After our initial meeting, we will have a better sense of your needs, and move on to phase 2. The first meeting is not binding, but a “get to know you” session. If you decide not to move forward, you’ll only pay for the consult.

Phase 2: Custom Development & Launch

Resulting from Phase 1, we will develop your audio and/or video communications. Utilizing a tried & true framework, we will customize what you sound like, look like, and feel like to your audience. During Phase 2, we will recommend custom composed vs “shelf music”, work with your host/interviewer, and set the stage for Phase 3.

Phase 3: Production & Publishing

We have entered the production and publishing phase. This is a recurrent phase, defined by our developmental relationship. Each episode will be hand-crafted, edited, mixed and mastered, a transcript created, and the published to multiple audio distribution platforms and/or the videp platform of your choice.

Phase 4: Statistics & Feedback

That which is measured, can be improved. Each month, for the duration of our relationship, we will debrief the statistics of each episode with you. This includes trend analysis, forecast, future adjustments, and an in-depth feedback session/training with your host, and a Q&A session with your team, intended to forge clarity and continuity at all levels.

Fundraising can be challenging.

Let Audio/Video do some of the heavy lifting.

Continuous communications enhances the audience’s awareness of your success. To donors, your weekly presence demonstrates that their money was well invested into your mission.


of Non Profit Organizations are moving toward digital media

Americans Listen to Podcasts, per Khris Digital

Americans Listen Weekly, per Khris Digital

per Episode Average Cost of Production, per Forbes


Unlock unparalleled value with our agency, where your investment yields powerful storytelling and enhanced visibility, driving meaningful engagement and support for your non-profit’s mission.

The Launch

Leading the custom development, is our onboarding call. In this conversation, we will talk about the length of engagement, discuss your show blueprint, and the “look, sound, and feel” of your customized appearance. We will also talk through the technology that makes it all happen, and test your access to the tech. Then we’ll talk determine the voice of your show and work with them to become the best representation of your brand. Lastly, we’ll talk through the intro & outro script, what style of music your brand needs, and we’ll finish with an in-person or virtual handshake.

“The Launch” starts at $950, and is included in your contract of six or 12 months. However, “The Launch” can also be an independent one-time consult, where we guide you through show development, podcast setup, and share “best practice” findings with you.

The Ongoing Podcast

After the initial setup, you are ready to go.

Self-book the guests you want to interact with, and record a standard weekly interview-format podcast of up to 60 minutes.

Ideally, for better audio quality, you are using the platform provided by us. However, Zoom or Teams are options, too.

When you’re done recording, you let us know and we are starting out professional 4-phase editing, including mixing and mastering. As soon as our process is complete, we are sending you the transcript of the show, and publish your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

“The Ongoing Podcast” starts at $500/episode.

The Ongoing Videocast

Similar to the ongoing podcast, you are self-booking guests and then film a standard weekly interview-format videocast of up to 60 minutes.

However, to ensure optimal quality and processing, we will provide the technical platform for your recordings. Once you are done filming, you let us know, and we will get to work with professional video editing, including mixing and mastering, and sound editing. Once done, we will send you transcript of your show, and publish to YouTube and/or Vimeo.

Most importantly, you will also receive several clips, between 30 – 60 seconds, that you can use for various social medial channels.

Better yet, we will also extract a separate audio file, uploaded as a podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

The “Ongoing Videocast” starts at $900/episode


Beyond our two primary products, we are happy to offer even more.

From your transcript, we can create a comprehensive blog post.

Better yet, if you have an email list, or you are planning on establishing one, we can summarize the blog post to a newsletter item.

Also, if you choose, we can craft a press release, and inform relevant media outlets and journalists of your work.

Podcasting or filming is not everyone’s comfort zone. We understand that. If you would like to book an A/V Engineer to be present during recording, to ensure the smooth flow of your show – we’d love to help.

As a non-profit, you may be short staffed, or you cannot identify the perfect host for your show. Allow us to help. With our “Host-4-hire” option, we subcontract with professionals who are able to adopt and represent your brand.

Music is one of the critical items of your productions. While we have a library of royalte-free music, this option is not proprietary and unique to you. To help you further stand out from the crowd, we contract with composers to make your sound unique.

The pricing of each “Enhancement” varies based on your distinct needs. We’ll discuss, in full transparency, during our meetings.

Membership Levels

Developing an audience takes time. For that reason, we offer the following options:

1) If your non profit needs only a few shows to establish evergreen content that you can refer to, we are happy to produce a “limited run” series. Whether you need only audio and/or video, the transcripts turned into blog posts, a host/voice, etc. we’ve got your covered. Pricing is determined by your indivudual needs.

2) An ongoing production starts with a 6-month contractual committment of at least two shows per month. To develop an audience and communicate authority, continuity and predictability are paramount.

3) The recommended option is a 12-month engagement with four shows per month, renewable annually and with a locked-in price until you cancel.

Pertaining to all options, our contracts are based on monthly retainer-basis, with the option to pause or cancel at any time. If you pause your contract, i.e for summer break, you will retain your original pricing and you can restart at any time. We are happy to offer “pause features” of up to 30 days*. If you cancel your contract, but you want to rejoin at a later time, the original pricing cannot be guaranteed, and you may be que’d if all production slots are full.

*Why 30 days? Building an audience hinges on continuity and predictability. The longer the “airspace” is dead, the more challenging it is to revive the audience. This will lead to less favorable engagement and diminished authority. Ultimately, it will frustrate you and the audience. Thus, we are limited the “pause” feature to 30 days, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Industry Data Audio & Video Podcasts

Current Listening Statistics: In 2023, the number of people actively tuning in to podcasts in the U.S., defined as listening at least once a week, is expected to be around 103.6 million. This represents a 5.4% annual increase compared to previous years and accounts for approximately one-third of the U.S. population​. This data underscores the significant portion of the American population that is engaged with podcast content on a regular basis.

Projected Growth in Listenership: It is estimated that the number of monthly podcast listeners in the United States will reach 164 million by the year 2024​. This projection indicates a growing trend in podcast consumption and suggests that podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular medium for content consumption.

Current Listening Statistics: There are just over 420 million podcast listeners in the world. Compared to YouTube (2.1 Billion users), it’s clear to see the proclivity for consumption. Because YouTube has nearly 5x as many users as podcasting platforms, there is massive opportunity for audience growth. A core reason behind this is that video can be highly engaging. When we watch video, we can visualize the value of the content more fully than if we were to simply listen. This is especially true for educational or informational content. 

Opportunity to fundraise: YouTube boasts nearly 5 times greater than estimated total podcast listeners globally. By volume, YouTube ad revenue is nearly 10x higher than podcasting ad revenue annually. In 2021, podcast ads generated a reported $842M for companies. However, ad revenues on YouTube alone have gone as high as $8.6B. However, an important argument can be made for podcast advertising. When looking at advertising on a CPM (Cost per 1000 Views/Listens), podcasts command up to $23 CPMs. For context, the average YouTube CPM is $7. Podcasts are more efficient in monetizing ads, while videos give companies 5 times the volume to work with.


The Power of “Plus”

Creating a dedicated following takes time and strategy. This is where the ‘Power of Plus’ comes into play, harnessing the synergy of multiple content platforms.

We start by producing your video podcast, a dynamic way to engage your audience. Then, leverage the same content across various channels: We extract the audio for your regular podcast, transcribe it into an insightful blog post, and distill the essence for your newsletter and press releases.

Each platform serves as a communication tool but also enables a potential revenue stream. An integrated strategy not only amplifies your message but also bolsters your fundraising capabilities, easing the traditional fundraising challenges faced by non-profits.

Sample Clients

The Gender Justice Brief

Gender Justice advances gender equity through the law by dismantling barriers and expanding protections so that all people can thrive, regardless of their gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation.
This podcast illuminates the invaluable work of the Gender Justice attorneys and its trailblazing clients.
The Gender Justice Brief is currently in Season 2 and commonly releases 1 episode per week. 
You can listen to The Gender Justice Brief on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and several other podcast players.

Hier and There

Hier & There, the Germanic-American Institute podcast, brought you an interesting mix of stories and interviews about transatlantic relations, German culture, and insights into the German language.

The GAI podcast aired for 4 seasons and 100 episodes, connecting with historians, politicians, and ex-pats who presently live in Germany.

In transparency, due to organizational changes, the GAI decided to discontinue the airing of future episodes. To date, GAI supporters are still inquiring whether Hier & There will return.

The 501 Media Group Team

We are a team consisting of a Project Manager with decades of broadcasting experience, a communications guru with significant non profit director experience, and several advisors. 501  also has a team of collaborators and freelancers, engaged in various long-term custom collaborations.

“Our mission is focused; Support non profit organizations in amplifying their accomplishments, assisting with fundraising efforts through “evergreen” content that gets attention. This is not social media marketing, this is media communications.”




Michael has been a radio broadcaster since the early ’90’s. He cut his teeth as an on-air talent, working for stations in Europe and the United States.

After his on-air tenure ended, he was CEO for North America of Mediatron, then he worked for Scott Studios, training & developing station talent and setting up on-air configurations, before transitioning into the medical oncology field, working for IMPAC Medical Systems. From there, he worked as Training Manager for Forum Communications, Global Training Manager at SEI, and was a Supervisor for Ramsey County’s COVID Incident Management, where he worked with the homeless community.

Michael also lectured communications at NDSU, was an adjunct professor at Hamline University, and Concord Career College. During that time, he returned to being “On Air” as podcast host & producer for non profit organizations. He is also the emcee of the St. Paul Oktoberfest.

Michael’s academic background is in Organizational Psychology (PhDc), Strategic Communications (MA), Public Relations & Emergency Management, and he is a Scrum master (CSM) and Project Manager (CPPM).

Michael is a passionate motorcycle touring rider, tennis player, CrossFit “athlete”, and generally likes physically challenging sports.



Senior Advisor

Erin is an international public affairs professional and former diplomat with broad experience in strategic communications and project management.

She served as a Foreign Service Officer and Presidential Management Fellow with the U.S. State Department from 2008 – 2016 before relocating to Minneapolis. Her diplomatic assignments included public affairs and consular positions in Washington, DC; Kabul, Afghanistan; Muscat, Oman; and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

In Minnesota, Erin has held senior positions in development and communications at the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP), the Germanic-American Institute (GAI), and Gender Justice. At IARP and the GAI, Erin oversaw and managed all communications, media, development and fundraising activities during meaningful periods of growth for both organizations. As Communications Director at Gender Justice, she ran external communications and media relations for the organization’s impact litigation, legislative advoccay, and electoral work. 

Erin holds an M.A. in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University and a B.A. in History and German from Grinnell College. Prior to her diplomatic service, Erin worked in Rostock and Berlin, Germany in international exchange. She speaks German and Arabic and enjoys travel, flute, and the outdoors in Minnesota.



Senior Advisor

Cam is a nonprofit consultant and former executive, as well as an experienced podcast host and digital content creator.

Throughout his career, Cam has held various roles in marketing, fundraising, human resources, technology, and leadership. His notable positions include President/CEO of the Duluth Children’s Museum, Interim Executive Director at the Mesabi YMCA, and Chief Information Officer at the Duluth YMCA. He also served as the Board Chair for the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) and continues to contribute as a regional advisor for MCN.

As the founder of That Nonprofit Guy (formerly Horizon Nonprofit Solutions), Cam has provided communications and strategic planning consulting to hundreds of nonprofits, businesses, and political campaigns. He also imparts his expertise as an adjunct professor in the Organizational Leadership department at Southern New Hampshire University.

Cam holds an M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Springfield College and a B.A. in Communicating Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. In his spare time, he enjoys theater, live music, and a lifelong passion for gaming.

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